Identify and search for users across all projects
Search by user email or ID and browse all submissions across multiple projects.
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Cross Project User Tracking allows you to identify people that created submissions through multiple projects. Search by user email or remote ID and browse all submissions across available projects.

To find this feature simply click here.

In the first tab "Participants" you will now see a table that allows you to search for participants using their email address (collected through the Contact Form content element) or the remote ID property. 

If you click the "Browse" button for a selected participant you will be directed to a list of Submissions that the same user created throughout all projects you have in your organization. If they created multiple submissions within the same project, you will also see that. Click on the submission to see all submission details.

You will also be able to see this information about the participant when checking your submission data through the Detailed Responses from your project analytics.

This feature is available for the Professional plan and higher.

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