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Organize Your Projects in Workspaces
Organize Your Projects in Workspaces

Keep an Overview of Your Projects or Share Them

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The project overview allows you to manage your projects by organizing them into workspaces. A workspace can be considered a container or a folder for multiple projects. Only you as a logged-in user can see the workspace title of a project - the information is not publicly visible.

To create a new workspace, click the + symbol on the workspace list and type your workspace name.

You can rename or delete your workspace anytime. But be aware that deleting a workspace deletes all projects that are in it and all data collected by the projects. Your last workspace cannot be deleted, you will always have at least one workspace.

Also, you have the option to search, filter, or sort projects that are part of the same workspace. To add a project to a workspace, either click the "Create project" button to create a new one or open the dropdown of an existing project and choose "Move project to workspace". You will only see that option if you have two or more workspaces.

Manage Team Access With Workspaces

You can use workspaces to manage who has access to which projects in your team. All invitations of users are done on a workspace level. You can invite users to your workspace as editors or viewers. Editors and viewers can't edit workspaces, only the organization owner can do this.

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