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Add Team Members to Your Organization
Add Team Members to Your Organization

Invite Other Users as Editors or Viewers to Your Workspaces

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If you’re working in a team or have specific projects for clients, enables you to invite team members to work within your organization account.

Learn How to Invite Team Members Interactively

Team members can be added to selected workspaces within your organization, so you can specifically grant them access to the projects contained within a workspace.

To invite somebody as a team member, open the workspace you want to invite them to and click the + sign which is on the right side of the workspace title.

In the popup you can see whom you are already sharing this workspace with, as well as all pending invitations. To add a new user you simply need to type their email address and choose if you want to invite them as "Editor" or "Viewer" (more on permissions later). They can be an editor in one workspace of your organization and a viewer in another workspace.

You can also withdraw your invitation, remove a user or change the role on this screen.

If the invitee already has an account, they will receive an email to accept the invitation. If they did not yet create an account with this email, they will be invited to create a new account and after that they can accept the invitation to your workspace. They will see the invitation in the Profile page of their account until they accept or decline it.

What Is Considered as One Seat?

You can invite the same users into multiple workspaces of your organization and it will still count as one seat of your usage limits. If you want to free up a seat in your organization you must remove the user from all workspaces they are part of. Please be aware that pending invitations also already take up one seat of the limit until they are declined.

How to Purchase Seats

You can purchase seats in the Basic or higher plans. The Pro plan already has 2 additional team member seats included, while the Business plan comes with 4 additional seats, so you can have 3 or 5 users in your organization, respectively (this includes your owner account).

Seats are $10/€9/user/month, this price is discounted if you go with the yearly option which is $100/€90/user/year.

To purchase additional seats please get in touch with us on the support chat.

Permissions Overview

The owner has permissions for absolutely all pages and actions in the organization. Invited users (members) are limited to the following (depending on on their permission inside the workspace(s) they're in):




See projects & embed codes in the workspace

View all analytics/responses of projects in the workspace

See the overall submission and storage usage of the organization

Export reports for projects in the workspace

Create, edit & publish projects in the workspace

Change settings for projects in the workspace

Invite users to the workspace that they are a member of

Delete projects in the workspace

Move a project to another workspace they are an editor of

Manage integrations

Create and manage workspaces

View & manage payment platform integrations

View & manage custom domains

View & manage billing & plans

Removing Team Members

To remove a team member from your workspace(s), open the workspace you want to remove them from and click on the user's icon below the workspace title.

Once the popup opens, click on the permission dropdown menu to the right of the member you want to remove and select "Remove User".

The above steps show how to remove a user from a workspace. If you want to remove a user from your organization in order to free up a seat, then you will need to repeat this process in all the workspaces that contain that user.

Canceling invitations is done in a similar way. Once the popup opens, just click on the permission dropdown menu to the right of the member you invited and select "Withdraw Invitation".

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