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How Organizations Work in

The Organization Is the Main Entity Your Account Is Part Of

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Once you register your account on, you have to specify your organization name. The organization is the main entity your user account is part of. 

The Topology of

Organizations > User Accounts > Workspaces > Projects > Submissions

All usage limits like monthly submissions, storage, custom domains, etc. are counted towards the organization, no matter how many users are part of the same organization. That also means that the subscription plan is bound to your organization - not the user account.

Your organization name is also shown in the URL snippet of all created projects. Learn how to change it further down in the text. 

If you are part of more than one organization you are asked which one to enter after logging into your account. A newly created organization is automatically on the free plan, even if your other organization has a paid plan. Subscriptions can't be shared over multiple organizations.

Invite Users to Your Organization

In any organization your account is either Owner or Member. You are always the owner of the new organization that was created during the registration process. All other users that were invited to specific workspaces of your organization are members, not owners. This gives them restricted access to the organization (eg. they can't see or change billing). More about inviting users to your organization here.

Change Your Organization or Create a New One

To manage or change your organizations open the dropdown below your user name and choose "Switch Organization". In this list you can enter all organizations your account is part of, as well as change details of the one you are an owner of by using the pencil button on the right side.

You can change the name or URL snippet of your organization anytime. Please be aware that the name is not publicly visible, only users that are part of the organization see it.

Changing the URL snippet should be done with caution: It will result in new URLs for all your existing projects and embeds! Your old URLs will not redirect automatically and embed codes need to be replaced. Please make sure this doesn't affect your live projects.

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