Use your own font types for your projects in addition to the Google Font selection, increase the personalization of your content and boost your brand recognition.

To to make a new custom font available in the editor, please go the the Manage Custom Fonts page in your dashboard. How many custom fonts you can add depends on your plan. Click on the "Add custom font" button to continue.

You will see a dialog to enter the links to your font files.

Important details:

  • The name of your font is internal, you can only see it in the editor. Please be aware that you cannot change it afterward, but you can remove your font and add it with a new name.

  • Fonts that are removed will not work in the editor anymore.

  • You need to add the direct links to your font files, so they need to end with the file extension of the format. All URLs need to start with https and must be directly accessible (no CORS restrictions).

  • Add as many file formats as possible, the more the better. This way they'll be supported across all browsers. You need to add at least one.

  • Please be aware that certain fonts may increase the load time of your project. We only load the fonts that are being used in each project.

  • Only organization owners are able to manage custom fonts. Editors can still use them.

After you've added the font, you will be able to select it on any font selection dropdown in the editor.

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