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Set Your Own 'Thank You' Page Using Custom Redirects
Set Your Own 'Thank You' Page Using Custom Redirects

With Custom Redirects You Can Use Your Own URL Instead of the Thank You Page or Outcome Pages

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In case you do not want to use the Thank You page or some/all of your Outcome pages inside your project you can set a custom URL instead of it.

When a custom URL is set, your participants will be redirected to the configured URL when they finish your project. If you have a project with Multiple Outcomes, you can set a different URL for each outcome.

How to Add a Redirect

To add your redirect, click the pencil icon on the Thank You page or any Outcome page inside the page navigation (bottom bar of the editor).

Then copy your full URL (including https://) to the "Custom Redirect URL" field.

This can be your website's URL (maybe a specific page) or even the URL of another project.

After clicking save you should see a message on your end page that will confirm your URL.

The redirect does not work in your editor preview, please click the "TRY IT" button or "Try Draft" to test this feature. Custom redirects also work when the project is embedded, it redirects away from the website where the embed was placed, unless the redirect points to another project.

Bear in mind that you need to add settings like social share images/texts and tracking pixels yourself on your website, if that's where you're redirecting your participants.

Pass a Calculator’s Result Over to Another Project via Custom URL Redirect

Passing data from one project to another is something you can do with, and this includes passing calculator data, even if they're on the Thank You / Outcome pages where you add your URL redirect to.

Make sure to click here to learn how this works.

Redirect to Another URL With a Button Element

If you still want users to see the Thank You / Outcome page, while giving them the option to proceed to another website/project, then a Button element might be the best choice.

No paid plan is necessary in order to use this method, you can do it on the free plan.

When you add a button to your project, you can set it to link to "URL (new tab)" or "URL (same)" - this will open the URL in a new tab, or in the same tab you're in, respectively.

Send Data to an External URL

With the use of answer pipping, you can send any data that you collected on your project, over to an external site or to another project.

Click here for more information.

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