Working With Page Timers

Set a Time Limit for Your Questions and Forms

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Using the Page Timer content element allows you to create a countdown for the page you placed it on. You can place one timer per page and set individual times for each page.

The Page Timer can be tested even if you're on our free plan. You'll be able to create and publish projects that include this element, up to a total of 10 submissions.

ℹ️ If you want to have an overall project timer, then check out our Project Timer article here.

Time Up Action

In the editing option of this element you can set an action that is executed once the time is up:

  • No action: Do nothing

  • Go to the next page

  • Go to the previous page

  • Logic Jump: Choose a page to jump to

  • Custom Web Address: Open a custom website URL

  • Restart/Refresh: Refresh the page (current data is lost)

Pop-up When Time Is Up

In addition to the above actions, you can set a pop-up that appears when the time is up. The action is then executed once the participant clicks the button in the pop-up. You can set the text for the pop-up in the timer options.

Hide Timer From Participants

This element can also be used without your participants seeing it. When this option is activated you only see the element inside the editor. All actions and the pop-up will still work. A blue "hidden for participants" label is shown for you in the editor. You can use this feature for example to redirect to your own website some time after the participant reached the thank you page.

Timers on Pages With Instant Feedback Questions

When a timer is placed on a page with questions that have the instant feedback option turned on, the countdown will stop once all questions using instant feedback have been answered. This enables your participant to have enough time to read the feedback text.

Good to Know

  • When using page navigation, you cannot go back to a page that has a timer on it.

  • The timer values that participants got per page when going through your project are not saved and are not available in your analytics. You can only see the overall completion time for your participants.

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