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Testing Premium Features on the Free Plan
Testing Premium Features on the Free Plan

Try Our Paid Features for Free, No Trial or Credit Card Required.

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Many of our premium features are available for testing, even if you're on our free plan. You'll be able to create and publish projects that include paid features from our editor, up to a total of 10 submissions. You'll be able to try:

This limitation is applied per published project, so you can have several test projects in the same organization. Resetting the analytics or deleting submissions will not unlock your test project after it has reached 10 test submissions.

This warning message appears when publishing a free project using paid features:

When you're happy with your project and are ready to go live, you can unlock and publish the project by upgrading to one of our paid plans. Please click here to see our plans.

ℹ️ If you don't use any premium features in your published projects, then the 10 submission limit will not apply.

When on the free plan, you will always have 100 monthly submissions, regardless if you use paid features in your published projects or not.

The submission limit counts all completed submissions (or revealed partial submissions) from all projects across your organization, and not just from a single project.

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