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Net Promoter Score® is a simple industry standard metric for measuring customer experience and loyalty. You can simply implement it in your project in a few clicks.

Simply drag the NPS® element on the content card. A 0 - 10 rating scale will appear.

You can configure the question text and scale labels on the right side panel. You can also add additional description and help texts.

Answering is not required by default and clicking a number will automatically continue to the next page, but you can change both of these settings with the toggle switches.

Do bear in mind that, if you add another element to the same page the NPS® element is in, the "Answer Continues to Next Page" option will become greyed out.

Once you add the NPS® element and start receiving submissions, you will be able to see the Response Summary and NPS® score on the Analytics page of your project.

You will find this section on the Summary tab, under the Key Metrics section.

Get started by editing one of our NPS® templates:

NPS® templates

Good to Know

The standard NPS® calculation is used to get the NPS® score.

NPS® = % of Promoters - % of Detractors and can range from -100 to 100.

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