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Make Sure Your Participants Are Real Humans With the Google reCAPTCHA or Cloudflare Turnstile Integrations

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When creating a project with, you may want to make sure that all of its participants are humans users and not bots. To keep your project secure, you can add CAPTCHA verification.

The Captcha element will ensure that users cannot proceed to the next page of your project unless they successfully solve the captcha challenge first. supports two CAPTCHA solutions, Google reCAPTCHA and Cloudflare Turnstile.

Google reCAPTCHA

Google reCAPTCHA is Google's service to protect websites from automated bots. When a user submits an answer to your project, they will be given a ‘I'm not a robot’ checkbox. This will then validate that the user is indeed human.

When using Google reCAPTCHA service, you have the following types to choose from:

  • v2 Challenge - Requires the user to click a checkbox. This will either pass the user immediately (with No CAPTCHA) or challenge them to validate whether or not they are human.

  • v2 Invisible - Invisible widget, with no checkbox required. It is invoked directly when the user clicks on an existing button on your site or can be invoked via a JavaScript API call.

  • v3 - Verifies requests with a score without any user interaction. Users will not see any widget.

Cloudflare Turnstile

Cloudflare Turnstile is Cloudflare’s spam prevention service. It helps to identify new customers, while also blocking automated bots. Cloudflare Turnstile does not require users to go out of their way to complete a CAPTCHA challenge, making it minimally intrusive.

With Cloudflare Turnstile you have the below types that you can pick from:

  • Managed - Cloudflare will use information from the visitor to decide if an interactive challenge should be used. If an interaction is shown, the user will be prompted to check a box.

  • Non-Interactive - Runs browser challenges. Users will never be required or prompted to interact with the widget.

  • Invisible - Users will not see the widget. This will run an invisible browser challenge.


If you're looking for advanced customization, you can use your own custom captcha configuration. Custom CAPTCHAS are connected to the domain you're using in and it requires you to use the API keys from the service you are using (reCAPTCHA and Cloudflare are supported).

In order to set up a custom CAPTCHA, simply head over to "Manage Domains" from your account dropdown. From the Manage Domains screen, use the dropdown on the right-hand side to access the option "Captcha Configuration".

This will then open a modal that will ask you to pick the service and the type.

Once you have picked, click "+Add" and enter the Site Key and Secret Key, then just click "Save" when you're done, and you're all set.

ℹ️ On custom domains, you will be required to setup your own Captcha API Keys.

Bear in mind that if you have a custom Captcha set, then you won't be able to change the service or type in the editor.

Dark Mode

You can use dark mode both on Google reCAPTCHA and Cloudflare Turnstile, so they blend in better with the look of your project/website. Just click on the Captcha element to bring up the "Dark Mode" toggle switch on the right side panel.

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