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With our easy-to-use drag & drop editor you can customize the look and feel of your contest, survey or any type of interactive digital content. Use content elements to add and format text, multiple choice text & image answer questions, embed videos, upload images, and much more.

Content Item Types

There are several different content elements that you can use to customize your project layout, these elements are divided by categories which can be collapsed, so that only what you need is displayed.

Most of these elements have predefined options and behavior, but you can change these at any time. For instance, you can turn a Single Choice element into Multiple Choice by simply changing the element's click behavior to "Multiple answers selectable".

Continue reading below to find more about each element.


All of these elements add questions with answers. They also collect data - namely the answers that participants pick.

With these elements you can define which answers are correct, or simply connect the answers to an outcome, if you have an answer-based outcome project.

  • Single Choice - Only one answer is selectable.

  • Multiple Choice - Multiple answers are selectable.

  • Yes/No - The only two possible answers are Yes or No.

  • Single Image Choice - Image answers, only one answer is selectable.

  • Multiple Image Choice - Image answers, multiple answers are selectable.

  • Dropdown - Single choice text answers inside of a dropdown.

ℹ️ It is possible to change a question's type. For example, if you have a Text Choice element you can change it to an Image Choice or a Dropdown, and vice versa.

To find this option, select the question element you want to change the type of, and then on your right side scroll all the way down to "Question Type".

Rating & Ranking

Much like the name implies, elements in this category allow you to collect data on the participant's rating/ranking.

  • Rating - Rating scale, you can select from different icons and adjust the values.

    • The rating element influences the chosen outcome in Score-based Outcome projects (if you use it on a Custom Score Calculation), but not in Answer-based projects.

  • Slider - Lets your participants choose from a numbered range. You can define the minimum, maximum and start values.

    • Slider results cannot be connected to Answer-based outcomes, although a feature suggestion for it exists here.

  • Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) - Displays a 0 - 10 rating scale on the content card.

Collecting Data

Elements in this category are used to collect data, namely qualitative data.

  • Short Answer - Allows participants to write short free text answers.

  • Long Answer - Allows participants to write long free text answers.

  • Number Input - Only numbers are accepted.

  • Currency - Only numbers are accepted. Currency can be edited.

  • File Upload - Participants can upload their own files.

    • You can limit the amount of files that can be uploaded, and their max size. Pre-filtering file extensions is also possible.

Contact Info

Here is where you can collect personal data from participants.

  • Contact Form - For collecting user data, such as First & Last Name, etc.

  • Email - Collects email address.

  • Phone - Collects phone number.

  • Address - Collects street address.

  • Country - Collects the participant's country.

  • Website - Collect's the participant's website URL.

Legal & Security

These elements allow you collect user consent and ensure that the users in question are human.

  • Opt-In Checkbox - For acquiring user consent (data processing, newsletter subscription opt-in, etc).

    • Use this element to place your terms & conditions. You can enter your own text that pops up when clicked, or link to an external URL.

  • Captcha - Ensures that your participants are humans users and not bots.

Time & Scheduling

Both the Date & Time and Schedule Appointments elements collect data, though the data collected by the Schedule Appointments element is not stored in involve.me

No data is collected by the Page timer.

  • Date & Time - Participants can pick Date & Time, Date or Time. The dates and times can also be restricted so only certain options can be selected.

  • Schedule Appointments - For embedding your online scheduling and booking applications.

  • Page Timer - Creates a countdown for the page you placed it on. You can place one timer per page and set individual times for each page. Page timers are a paid feature.

Navigation & Layout

The elements in this category help you improve the navigation and overall layout of your project, leading to a smoother and more enjoyable customer journey.

  • Button - Fully customizable button. Can be set to go to the next page, previous page, trigger a logic jump or place a link to an external URL or email. Setting the button to restart/refresh, will delete data collected up until then.

  • Back Link - Adds a back link so the participant can go back to the previous page.

  • Skip Link - Adds a link that allows participants to skip required fields.

  • Divider - Horizontal line between content items to separate them.

  • Spacer - Adjustable padding. Useful for when you need to reduce or increase the padding between elements.

  • Loader - Displays a loading animation during a certain amount of time to simulate that something is loading in the background.

    • This is a Page Timer paired with an Image element that has the loading GIF.

  • Print page - Allows users to print the project page they're currently in.

  • Save as PDF - Lets participants download their results page as a PDF document.

Static Text

This is where you can add text to your project.

  • Heading - Adds a title and subtitle (optional) text. Can be formatted as a headline.

  • Paragraph - Adds a text block, paragraph etc. and can be formatted according to your needs.

  • Image + Text - Adds an image of your choice and a text caption / paragraph. You can choose between left-right positioning.


With these elements you can add several types of media, from images, to videos to embeds.

  • Image - Upload all kinds of images, such as your company logo or similar. You can also set the image to link to external content.

  • Video - Embed a video by pasting its URL or code, or self-host the video and use the HTML5 video player.

  • Widget Embed - Allows you to embed a webpage, external tool or service such as Spotify or YouTube Shorts.

  • Google Maps - Lets you embed Google Maps.

    • If you're looking to use Google Maps to auto-complete the address as the participant types it in, then make sure to click here and upvote the feature suggestion.

  • Airtable - Allows you to embed your own Airtable base.


Here you can let participants share your project in social media, or add your social media links so participants can access them.

  • Social Share - Add social media icons to allow your audience to share your content on social media websites.

  • Social Links - Place links to your social network pages or directly to your website.


Elements in this section are great for e-commerce purposes. These elements can only be added to Thank You/Outcome pages.

  • Coupon Code - Distribute coupon codes to your participants.

  • Price Calculator - Create cost estimations and pricing calculators for your services and products (paid feature). Price Calculator is a paid feature.

  • Collect Payments - Collect a one-time payment or recurring payments (subscriptions) from your participants. Collect Payments is a paid feature.

    • The amount collected through Subscriptions and Recurring Payments is defined by the product you created in your payment gateway account.

Formulas & Calculations

For calculating scores and everything else.

  • Calculator - Create embeddable calculators for your website. Calculators are a paid feature.

  • Score - Shows the number of correct answers or score points (up to the page it is placed) to the participant.

  • Outcome Distribution - Allows you to show the scores for all outcomes, either by points or by percentage with bar charts. This element is only available on Answer-based Outcome projects.


AI powered features to further enhance your projects. More to come!

  • AI Generated Text - Allows you to generate text dynamically thanks to customized prompts that you can define.

Good to Know

All of our image elements (Image, Image Choice and Image + Text) support the following formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG and GIF - these are the only formats that will be accepted.

No other formats are currently supported.

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