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With our easy-to-use drag & drop editor you can customize the look and feel of your contest, survey or any type of interactive digital content. Use content items to add and format text, multiple choice text & image answer questions, embed videos, upload images, and much more.

Here you'll learn about the different types of content items and their uses, how to rearrange them in your layout, how to change the Design and Settings for a content item and more.

Content Item Types

There are several different content items that you can use to customize your project layout.

Content Element Icons

Multiple Choice (this item collects data)
Add questions with single and multiple choice text answers. Define which answers are correct and which are not or connect them to outcomes.

Image Choice (this item collects data)
Add questions with single and multiple choice image answers. Customize the layout of the images and define which answers are correct and which are not, or connect them to outcomes.

Dropdown (this item collects data)
Add questions with single choice text answers inside a dropdown. Define which answers are correct and which are not or connect them to outcomes.

Date & Time Picker (this item collects data)
Opens a tool to pick either date and time or just date or just time. It makes it easy to collect data for appointments and bookings.

Rating (this item collects data)
Use this to place a customizable Rating element on the page. You can select different icons and adjust the values for the rating answers.

Slider (this item collects data)
This is a useful element to let your participants choose from a numbered range. You can define minimum, maximum and start value. 

Add a fully customizable button. Choose between previous page, next page, page jumps or place a link to an external URL or email. Setting restart will delete data collected up until then.

Contact Form (this item collects personal data)
Add a module for collecting user data, like First & Last Name, Email and much more. Learn more about the Contact Form element

Free Text Input (this item collects data)
Add questions or areas where your audience can respond with a free text. Choose between single line or text area input, adjust the minimum/maximum character limit and if this input accepts numbers only.

Opt-In Checkbox (this item collects data)

This element can be used to place terms & conditions, collect newsletter subscription opt-in or any other required opt-ins. You can enter your own text that pops up when clicked or link to an external URL. Learn more about the Opt-In Checkbox.

Add a title and subtitle (optionally) text and format it as a headline. 

Add a text block, paragraph etc. and format it according to your needs.

Upload images and optionally link them to external content

Image + Text
Upload an image and add a text caption / paragraph, and choose between left-right positioning.

Embed a YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia or Spotlightr video by pasting the video's URL or code. Choose if you want to show the title and controls and set to autoplay. You can also use your self-hosted video file and use the HTML5 video player.

Add a horizontal line between content items or just a spacer with adjustable padding.

Social Share
Add social icons to allow your audience to share your content on sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

Social Links
Use this element to place links to your social network pages.

Use this element to show the number of correct answers or score points (up to the page it is placed) to the participant. In outcome projects this is only available on outcome pages and will only display the score for the calculated outcome.

Using the formula builder you can create cost estimations and pricing calculators for your services and products, let your users interact on your website and gather more effective leads (paid feature). This element is only available on final pages. Learn more about the calculator.

Payment Collection
Use this element to collect a one-time payment or a recurring payment (subscriptions) from your participant/user. You can base the amounct of the one-time payment on a fixed price, the score or a calculation from a calculator element on the same page. The amount collected through Subscriptions and Recurring Payments is defined by the product you created in your payment gateway account. This element is only available on final pages. Learn more about payment collections

Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) (this item collects data)

This element displays a 0 - 10 rating scale on the content card.

Some of these elements might not be available on the "Thank You" page or on outcome pages if your project has multiple outcomes.

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