With our coupon element, you can create projects with single coupon codes (same coupon for everybody) and multiple unique coupon codes (one coupon per participant), which can be easily embedded into your website in minutes.

To use Coupons, simply create a new project or start editing an existing one.

How to Generate Coupons

To create a single coupon code or a multiple unique coupon code, go to Coupons from the top menu.

In the pop-up window, you can then give a name to your list, select the platform the coupon applies to (use "Manual" or "Other" if the coupon is not related to any of the other platforms listed), then select the coupon type.

Coupon Type - Single - One Coupon Code For All Users

Enter the Coupon Code that is shown to every participant and the coupon usage limit (how many times the code is shown before not being available anymore).

Coupon Type - Multiple - Unique Coupon Code For Each User

Every participant receives a different coupon code. Paste your coupon codes here, each code on a separate line.

Displaying the Coupon code in a project

Your coupon can be displayed on any page of the project, including the thank you or outcome page. Place the Coupon code element in your project and select a previously created list.

When a coupon is not available anymore, you can customize a message to the participant:

In the example below from our template Feedback Survey, the coupon is placed on the Thank you page:

More templates can be found on our template list.

Sending Coupon Codes via Email

If you prefer to send the Coupon codes via email instead of having them be displayed in your project, then that's also possible.

In this situation you might want to make it so that participants can't see the code before the email is sent out, this can be done by enabling the "Hide for Participants" option.

Then you will just need to add the variable for the Coupon code on the custom email that will be sent out to the participants, like in the example below.

FAQ - I do not see the Coupon Menu

You need to be an organization owner to see the coupon list management page. Being an Editor in a workspace is not enough.

If you have any questions, please contact support

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