can send automated emails to contacts upon completing a submission. It's only possible for projects that collect emails using a Contact Form element or through the URL using Hidden Fields. If you want to set up submission emails for a project that is not collecting emails either way, you will be prompted to add an email collection field into your project.

This means that every time somebody completes your form, survey, lead page, quiz, payment page or makes a calculation, you can send them a quick email. As long as they leave their email address to reach out to, of course.

Submission emails can be set up for any published or draft project in the following way:

  1. Click the arrow icon in your project card's drop-down menu

  2. Click "Configure" (or "Publish now" if the project is a draft)

  3. Click "Emails" on the top left or keep scrolling until you find "Email Notifications"

  4. Check "Send custom email to participants"
    (optional: Check "Send different emails for each outcome" if your project has multiple outcomes)

  5. Create your email (or one email per outcome)

There are two ways to trigger email notifications:

  1. Submission is completed
    This gives you an option to set up a custom email that is sent every time somebody completes your project.
    A project is completed when somebody makes it to its final page. This would be an outcome page on a quiz or a thank you page on a survey for example. If your final page is a custom redirect, that also counts.

  2. Payment is successful
    Picking this option will send an email notification once a payment is successfully completed. You can use this as a payment confirmation or to send out a digital good.

Each email can be personalized with submission details you collected, such as:

  • First name

  • Company name

  • Outcome name

  • Project name

  • Question answers

  • Hidden fields
    + Any field you created in that particular project

Click the + symbol on the right side of the input field or type "@" to choose from the available variables.

This way you can create hyper-personalized emails like this one:

The same level of personalization applies to subject lines, which will increase your open rate.

Attachments and Preview Emails

You can add attachments to your emails by using the paperclip icon. You can upload images, which will display directly in the email or other file types like PDFs which will insert a linked box to the file.

The Send Preview Email option is perfect to test how the email will look in your email software. This function will send the email to your account email, but will not substitute the variables in the text.

Sending different emails for each outcome

To further personalize the emails, you can choose to send different emails for different outcomes. This option is only available for projects using Multiple Outcomes which is a setting you choose when you start a new project.

To activate this feature, which is available on the Professional plan or higher, tick "Send different emails for each outcome" in project settings, pick an outcome and create your emails.

There is no limit to how many emails you can send. But submission emails are triggered by submissions and there are submission limits for each plan.

From the Professional plan and higher the watermark is also removed from the footer of the email.


Please look carefully into strategies for reducing bounced emails or complaints about your emails. Emails bounce if they do not exist or cannot be delivered.

We may temporarily and automatically limit or suspend email capabilities of accounts not adhering to keeping bounce and complain rates low.


Once a user completes the survey, check the Analytics of the project.

Once inside the Analytics, click the "Responses" tab and select a submission. On the right pane, scroll down the page until the "EMAILS" section, and check the status of "Participant Emails". This could be: Not configured, Sent, Not sent, or Sent & Opened

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