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Receive Email Notifications for Each Participant
Receive Email Notifications for Each Participant

Add Up to 5 Emails to Be Notified Instantly

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The self-notification feature sends out an email for each new participation instantly. 

You can add up to 5 email addresses in your project settings. Make sure to comma separate emails if you enter more than one.

To stop receiving emails for new participations just untick the checkbox and click "Update Settings".

What Is Contained Within Each Notification Email

The email will contain all data collected from your new participant, it includes personal data, all answers, result metrics and further metadata like detected country code, anonymized IP and the completion time.

Currently the email is automatically generated and cannot be personalized or extended with custom texts etc. This means that the logo also cannot be removed.

ℹ️ It is currently not possible to send these emails from your own email domain, instead they're sent from "".

We do have a feature suggestion for this however, which you can upvote here. Make sure to upvote the suggestion, so we can notify you once the feature goes live.

This is how a self-notification email may look like:

Testing the Email

Once a user completes the survey, check the Analytics of the project. Once in the Analytics, click the "Responses" tab and select a submission. On the right pane, scroll down to the "EMAILS" section and check the status of "Self Notifications".

It will be one of four possible statuses:

  • Not configured

  • Not sent

  • Sent,

  • Sent & Opened

Triggering the Email Manually

If you enable the self-notification feature after a participant has already taken the test, it is still possible to trigger the notification email by clicking on the email icon next to the status "Not sent".


Please look carefully into strategies for reducing bounced emails or complaints about your emails. Emails bounce if they do not exist or cannot be delivered.

We may temporarily and automatically limit or suspend email capabilities of accounts not adhering to keeping bounce and complain rates low.

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