Before publishing, you can specify your project settings. These can be changed later using the "Configure" option in the dropdown on the project overview.

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General settings

Project Name

Lets you change your project's name.

Project Domain

You can use either generic domains (Starter plan or above) or your own domain using custom domains (only for Business plans).

Project URL

Allows you to change your project's URL.

Default Language - the language for non-editable project content such as:

  • Data collection form labels (first & last name, email, etc.)

  • Error messages

  • Project is unavailable screen

  • Project has ended screen

  • Payment or file upload successfully / unsuccessful

Remove watermark
By default a "made with" watermark line is added to every project. If you upgrade to the Professional plan or higher you can disable the watermark. This option affects all existing and future projects in your organization.

Integrate Chat Widget (optional)
View and change global and project specific integrations settings or add a Gist and Intercom chat widget to your projects.

Email Notifications

Receive an email for every submission
With a paid subscription, beginning with Starter, you can choose to receive email notifications on a specific email address (up to 5 email addresses) for each new completed submission / successful payment on a certain project. This email also contains the responses and lead data of every new entry. can send automated emails to contacts upon completing a submission.


You can define a specific date and time where your project will automatically end.

Specify a cap for submissions, at which point the project will automatically end.

Once your project has ended, you can redirect users to a new project or a website of your choice.

With this feature you can ensure that you will only get 1 submission per user. You can also choose the duration of this effect (how long it will be until a user can participate in your project again). Professional plan or higher is required.

Set up a password for your projects to restrict participant access.

Professional plan or higher is required.

Personal Data

Personal submission data (optional)
By default, saves participants' personal data together with their responses. Here you have the option to change that and save a user’s personal data separate from their individual responses. Your report will show personal data without linking it to specific responses.
Attention: by choosing this option you will not be able to match individual answers to personal data of a specific user.

Block EU users
If you operate outside of the European Union and don't want to deal with the hassle of setting up all the GDPR compliance measures, we've got you covered. When publishing a project, you have the option to block users coming from within the EU (available with Professional plan or higher). includes GeoLite data created by MaxMind, available from

Prevent duplicate email entries
Using this option you can prevent participants from submitting more than one entry for your project using the same email address. Starter plan or higher is required.

Enabling this option stops participants from inputting disposable email addresses in your forms. Professional plan or higher is required.

With this option, participants will not be able to input their personal email address (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc). Professional plan or higher is required.

Social media sharing (optional) 

Fill out the information you want to be shown when your project is being shared on social media sites like Facebook. Make sure your image is above 1200x630 pixels in size. Be aware that when users share from inside an embed on your website, the sharing title, description and image from the website is used instead.

  • Sharing Title

  • Sharing Description

  • Sharing Image 

Tracking (optional)

You can add a Google Analytics tracking ID for your project. Optionally you can choose to anonymize IP addresses which are sent to Google.

Below you can set a Facebook Pixel ID that allows you to track Facebook campaigns and that automatically send a "Lead" conversion event once a participant reaches the last page (only available for paid plans).

Google Tag Manager can also be added to your project if you're on the Professional plan or higher.

You will also find a setting to discourage search engines from indexing your project at the bottom.

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