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Data Retention Limit

Automatic Deletion of Submission- And Contact Data on the Free Plan

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Updated over a week ago accounts on any of our paid plans have unlimited data retention.

All submission- and contact data you have collected with your projects are stored indefinitely, until you choose to manually delete them.

Users of our free plan however, have a data retention limit of 30 days.

This is a rolling retention period for all of your submission data in all projects, which means that any submission data that reaches the 30 day limit is automatically deleted from our databases.

What Happens With the Data if I Cancel My Subscription?

The same restriction applies to accounts returning to the free plan from a paid plan. However, we do offer the option to downgrade to the Data Retention plan; this plan does not include any features normally found on our paid plans, except for the ones listed below.

The Data Retention plan is currently priced at $100/€90, paid annually.

All users that are currently on a paid plan will be able to subscribe to the Data Retention plan during the cancellation process.

What Is Included in the Data Retention Plan?

  • All response data collected

  • Unlimited data retention (while the plan is active)

  • Data exports (XLS and CSV)

Manage the Data Retention Period for Your Projects

When on a paid plan, you'll able to choose for how long the submission data should be kept - if indefinitely, or if it should be completely deleted every couple of days/months.

To manage this and choose a period of time, simply head over to the "General Settings" section in your project settings, and open the dropdown under "Response data retention period". These changes will be applied to all projects contained within your organization.

Cancelling the Data Retention Plan

Data retention plans renew annually by default. You can cancel the renewal anytime, the same way you'd cancel any subscription.

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