Once your users reach the final page of the project their submission is completed. If they decide to stop filling out your project and navigate away from the page, a partial submission is created.

You can see how many partial submissions a project got as the second metric on the project card of the project overview.

Reveal a partial submission

You have a 30-day time window to reveal partial submissions. You can do so on the analytics page of the selected project. Partial submissions that have not been revealed within 30 days from their creation date will expire and be deleted.

To reveal a partial submission switch to the "Responses" tab of your project analytics. Here you have the option to sort all submissions by time or filter them by completed or partial. Click on one of your partial submissions that has the question mark icon and you will have the option to reveal the data from that partial submission. Optionally if you have more than one unrevealed you can also choose to reveal all partial submissions at once.


Depending on the privacy laws and data regulations in your country or company, and the country of the user who created this partial submission, you may not be entitled to reveal and/or keep the data. You may only be allowed to do so if they provided you with consent through an opt-in checkbox. Please verify what requirements apply to you.

How many partial submissions can be revealed?

Revealed partial submissions count towards your monthly submission limit of the month that they were revealed in. You can do this with all involve.me plans, including the free plan, as long as you have enough submissions left in your current month. For example in the Starter plan, you can gather 1,000 completed submissions or gather 950 completed submissions and reveal 50 partial submissions in the same month.

You can test revealing partial submissions in draft projects, they will not count towards your monthly limit.

If a partial submission contains uploaded files you can only reveal it if your plan has enough storage left. You can also delete the partial submission again to free up the storage again (the reveal will still count towards the submission limit).

Expired partial submissions

If you do not reveal partial submissions within 30 days, the data contained will be safely deleted. You will see a special icon for expired partial submissions in the responses list and after 45 days they will disappear from the list completely.

After a submission has expired you will still be able to see how many partial submissions you ever had in the "Key Metrics" and the "Detailed Metrics" sections. Also on the Detailed Metrics "Question Funnel" section, expired partial submissions will be included as "answered questions".

Integrations and ad tracking of partial submissions

Integrations are either triggered once a submission is completed, or manually from the Analytics dashboard. Partial submissions can only send data to integrations when triggered manually from the Analytics.
Tracking platforms like Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics will receive events for "Question Progress" immediately during the submission which contains data about the question, but Answer Data is only sent for completed submissions.

Can I export partial submissions?

Yes, revealed partial submissions are included in your exports.

How long does it take for partial submissions to appear in the list?

When a user who started interacting with your content abandoned your project before completing it, it will only take a minute until you see the partial submission in your analytics. In some cases it may take up to 15 minutes.

Does the Summary include partial submissions?

No, the Summary (first tab in the analytics) only includes overall data from completed submissions, as we think that summary data would be skewed by including partial submissions. We will consider adding an option to switch to be able to include them.

How long do revealed partial submissions stay in my account?

Once you revealed a partial submission it stays in your account forever. From this point on you are responsible for it as you are the owner of the data it contains.

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