How integrations work
You can activate integrations to send data from your projects participants to tools you already use. This feature is only available for our paid plans.

Available integrations:

Organization level (global) and project level integrations

Once you have set up a global integration this will be the default for all your projects from your organization. You can change the behavior for specific projects by choosing different integration settings or disable the integration for specific projects.

If you set up a project integration this will overwrite the global integration settings for all integrations. To change this setting go to your integration page and select the project from the dropdown in the right column. You can then select the project behavior.

Make sure to place a Form Fields element and an Opt-In Checkbox element in your project. Then configure your Opt-In Checkbox to trigger the specific integration (you find this in the settings tab of your Opt-In Checkbox > Send data to).
Data will be sent to your integration once a participant finishes your project and has given consent on an Opt-In Checkbox that triggers the integration.
Zapier integrations also work without opt-ins, but you can restrict them to only work with opt-ins by activating the checkbox on your integration setting screen below your API key for Zapier. Please be aware that only new participants are sent to the integration.

Remove integrations
To stop an integration remove the API Keys, stop the Zaps in Zapier or re-generate the API Key for Zapier. To disable webhook endpoints, remove the URL and save.
Integrations will stop working when your subscription is cancelled and has ended.

Duplicated projects: Be aware that if you have configured an integration on the project level and you duplicate the project, your integration settings will duplicate as well.

Testing the Integration: Once a user completes the survey, check the Analytics of the project -> Select the Responses [ ] menu -> Select a submission. On the right pane, scroll down the page until the "INTEGRATIONS" section.

The relevant integrations icon should be displayed with a status: "Successful".

If the Integration icon is not present, it is not integrated with the project. If it is greyed out, the Integration is present but has not been triggered. Other statuses include Pending or an Error description that can be used to further troubleshoot the issue if necessary. Click on the Error icon to get more information.

Triggering Integrations manually (incl. partial submissions). In case the Integration is configured but the Opt-in checkbox was not checked or not configured, or if the submission was only partial, you can still trigger that integration from each individual submission (including revealed partial submission).

Navigate to the Analytics, responses menu.

When clicked, you will be presented with the option to trigger the Integration for all submissions for which the integration was not executed.

If you have any questions, please contact support.

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