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Map Answers to the Custom Fields of Your Integrations
Map Answers to the Custom Fields of Your Integrations

Send Project Specific Data to Your Integration’s Contact List

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Sometimes plain contact info might not be enough for your integration's use case. If you want to save data from a question element to your list you need to map the question to a custom field from your integration.

Connect Your Integration

Before you start the mapping process, please connect your integration and make sure that all custom fields needed are created on your integration's side. You can get a hint on where to find your integration's custom fields in their respective help article.

If your integration's connection is working successfully, then you can go back to the integration's settings and start the mapping process.

Mapping Process

On the integration's settings page, you'll see all question fields from the project on the left side of the table and all of your integration's custom fields on the right side. If you are missing a custom field to map, please create it and then reload this page.

In order to do the mapping, first you'll need to create the custom field on your integration's end. If you're not sure how to create a custom field on the integration you're using, click here and select your integration in order to access its dedicated help article.

All integration help articles have a link to an official guide that explains how to create custom fields. You can find this link under the "Data Mapping for the (integration name) Integration" section of the article.

ℹ️ Note: Some integrations don't require you to create custom fields. You can check this in advance by opening the dropdown menu and checking if there's only one option to choose from, which usually has the same name as the field you're trying to map it to.
Klaviyo is one of these integrations, as shown in the example below.

Once you have created the custom fields you need, all that is left is to map them to the fields. To do this, just open the dropdown menu that is on the right and select the custom field that should be mapped.

If you don't want to map a certain field, then just leave it marked as "none", like so:

Please make sure that your custom field destination matches the type that is being sent, eg. that number fields on ActiveCampaign only receive numbers collected with

If you are unsure what type your custom field should be, you can always go with text or string as these are sure to work.

Last but not least, make sure that you complete your mapping by hitting the "Save" button.

Default Mappings

Some data in has default mappings, for example all personal data from the Contact Form element (email, name, address etc), Calculator values, Scores and Outcomes.

If you want your integration to receive them, then please make sure that you created the correct field names on the integration's side. You can check the list of required custom fields on the help article for the respective integration.

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