You can add participants automatically to your Klaviyo subscribers or update their properties using the native Klaviyo integration. You can either set it up for your organization (all projects that don't have individual integration settings) or on a project level.

To activate it, connect the organization or the project to your Klaviyo account. Make sure to have that mentioned in your opt-in text in order to be fully GDPR compliant.

Make sure you have a dedicated opt-in checkbox in your project and it is set to "Sends data to: Klaviyo" (or all integrations).

The integration will send email and default properties automatically, including:

  • Fields from the Contact Info element (all type Text): salutation for title, gender, company for the organization name, jobtitle, address, postal/zip code, city, state, country_code, home_phone, mobile phone (Phone), fax, website

  • birthdate from the Contact Info element (type Date): Full birthday with year

  • correct (type Number): Correctly answered questions

  • score (type Number): Quiz score of values

  • outcome_points (Number type): Total points for the determining outcome

  • calculator (type Number): Result from the calculator element

  • for more than one calculator: add the calculator ID as a property (type Number eg. ca_xxxxxx)

  • outcome (type Text): Which outcome the participant got for multiple outcome projects (only if the project has outcomes)

  • facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin from the Contact Info element (type Text)

  • embed_url for the website where the project was embedded (type Text)

  • remote_id if the submission has the parameter (type Text)

  • involveme_project to save the project name (type Text)

Data from question elements must be set up through "custom field mapping", although the custom field destination is created automatically.

Custom fields on existing subscribers will be updated when the same email is sent again.

Testing the Integration: Once a user completes the survey, check the Analytics of the project -> Select the Responses [ ] menu -> Select a submission. On the right pane, scroll down the page until the "INTEGRATIONS" section.

The Klaviyo icon should be displayed with a status: "Successful".

If the Klaviyo icon is not present, it is not integrated with the project. If it is greyed out, the Integration is present but has not been triggered. Other statuses include Pending or an Error description that can be used to further troubleshoot the issue if necessary.

If you have any trouble setting up this integration, please contact support.

Klaviyo Advanced - Create a segment of contacts based on specific criteria.

It is currently not possible to automatically assign a result from your project to a Tag in Klaviyo. However, you can automatically assign your participants to a segment, based on any information collected in your project (email, name, country or any element from the form element, or any answer, outcome, score, etc..)

In Klaviyo, navigate to: Lists & Segments and click on "Create List / Segment"

Create a new Segment based on the criteria you need. In the example below, we are creating an audience for all the participants reaching "Outcome #2:

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