Whether you want to see how real-world participants react to your projects, or when you want to make sure the integration with your marketing tool works as expected, when the free license is not enough, we can offer you to try our full feature set for 14 days.

While the trial enables you to fully test all features, please be aware that all trial plans are limited to 100 submissions/month during its trial phase.

To access a free 14 days trial, register a free involve.me account. Then click on this link:

Select the plan you wish to have a trial for by clicking on: "Start 14 day free trial."

If you are already on a paid plan or if you ever subscribed to any involve.me plan in the past you are not eligible for a trial anymore.

Payment information

You will need to enter your payment information. You will not be charged until the trial ends or if you decide to cancel the trial during its trial phase.

Cancel the Trial

During those 14 days, you can cancel the Trial at any time. Your subscription will then automatically be moved to a free plan at the end of the Trial period and no payment will be charged. To cancel the trial, either click the "Trial Active" button next to your username or navigate to the Plans & Billing page again and select "Cancel trial".

Skip the Trial

If you decide you like the plan, and can't wait because you need to go over the 100 submissions limit, for instance, click the "Trial Active" button or navigate back to the Plans & Billing page, and then select "Start paid plan". Your Trial will automatically convert to the paid plan you selected and the first payment will be taken.

If you have any questions, please contact support.

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