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Analytics: Access the Participant Result Data of Your Projects
Analytics: Access the Participant Result Data of Your Projects

Key Metrics, Result Summaries, Detailed Responses, and How to Export the Data as CSV/XLS

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The "Responses" section is your project's Analytics section. Here you will be able to check your project's overall performance. This works for both published and draft projects, so if you did some test submissions, you can see how they look like in this section.

Accessing Your Project's Responses

Access all analytics and data collected by clicking on the numbers on your project in the overview or by clicking "Responses" in the dropdown.

Summary & Key Metrics

Your first analytics tab will show key metrics like visits, number of submissions, the completion rate, the average amount of minutes it took to complete your quiz & the average score. You can also see the development of visits and submissions over the last 30 days here.

Below you can also see a response summary, giving an aggregated overview on all your participant's answers and outcomes.

Detailed Metrics (Available on the Pro plan and above)

This section will show you the funnel of your users and where they dropped out.

You can see the percentage of visits that started interacting, created a partial or completed submissions and provided lead data.

Below the funnel you can browse the countries your users originated from as well as the websites that have your project embedded. The last section shows you the question funnel, a comprehensive overview of which question was answered how many times, even from users who did not complete.

This is a great way to check where exactly in the funnel users are dropping out.


This view enables you to browse the full participant data set. Click on a participant in the list on the left side to load all details. Here you can also find an option to remove single participants or reveal partial submissions.

Personal Data

In this tab you can sort, search and browse all personal data collected using the "Contact Form" element. Click the magnifying glass icon on the right side to open all details for the selected table row.


In this tab, all submissions are listed with their payment status.

AI Reports can summarize your collected project data and save hours on data preparation and analysis. No need to manually categorize & count every open-ended answer and make sense of the results when our AI can do it for you.

Filter Analytics by Date Range

If you're interested in getting a better idea on how your project fared during a specific point in time, then this is possible with the use of the date range picker.

Just pick a time range of your choice, and you'll be able to see the Summary and Detailed Metrics sections for that time frame in specific.

Export Data (Available on the Basic plan and above)

You can export and download reports as XLS (Excel) or CSV files from inside this menu.

The XLS file contains detailed data about every participant, (all questions and answers are in a separate sheet called "Detailed Report"), while the CSV file only contains basic participant data, like personal data and key metrics.

ℹ️ To collect personal data (names, e-mail address, newsletter opt-in, etc.) of your participants, make sure to place a contact form element in your project.

It is also possible to filter responses by date before you download a file, if you don't want to export everything at once. The export tool has a date selector, where you'll be able to specify your export's date range. Once you have selected the range, pick which file type you want to download (XLS or CSV) and click the respective download button.

Video Tutorial - How to Export Data

Which Data Isn't Exported?

The following data is not included in CSV or XLS files:

  • Contact Tags.

  • If Participant Emails have been sent and opened.

  • How long it took for a participant to answer a question/how long they stayed on the same page.

  • Which device the participant used to complete the submission.

All other data that you see when opening a submission in your project's analytics, can be exported.

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