By enabling the option "Limit multiple submissions from the same user" via your project settings, you can make it so that a user cannot take your quiz, survey, etc. more than once.

This can be especially useful if you only want one submission per participant or if you're trying to prevent users from continuously updating their details on your integration's contact list (MailChimp, Keap, etc.)

This is a feature that is only available on the Professional plan or higher.

In order to enable the option, open your project settings.

Then head over to "Access" and tick the option "Limit multiple submissions from the same user".

Once you've ticked the option, you'll be able to do some customization, such as:

  • Choose duration - Here you can choose how long it will be until a participant can participate in your project again.

  • Message for users who completed the project


  • This block (limiting submissions from a user) is limited to a user's browser. So if a participant decides to use a different browser or simply clean the browser's cookies, they will be able to generate another submission.

  • The "Indefinite" setting on the duration means that the participant won't be able to participate for as long as possible. This is due to many browsers having a maximum cookie age (eg. Google Chrome has a 400 day maximum cookie age by default).

Using this feature with embeds

The "Limit multiple submissions from the same user" feature can be used together with the embed option "Stop showing once completed". This embed option makes it so that the embed popup stops appearing for a specific amount of time on the same browser, after the participant has submitted their answers once.

You can also define how long this effect should last:

The "Stop showing once completed" option is available on the Professional plan or higher, and will only work for the following embed types:

  • Popup

  • Chat Button

  • Side Panel

  • Side Tab

Note: This will not work with the option to show the popup "On button click".

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