Hide Popup Once it has Been Viewed
How to hide popups once users have already viewed them once
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This is an embed feature that allows embed popup stops to appearing for a specific amount of time on the same browser, after the participant has viewed it and closed it.

You can also define how long this effect should last:

The "Hide once viewed" option is available on the Professional plan or higher, and will only work for the following embed types:

  • Popup

  • Chat Button

  • Side Panel

  • Side Tab

Note: This feature will not work with the option to show the popup "On button click".

Good to know:

  • This feature is limited to a user's browser. This means that if a participant decides to use a different browser or simply clean the browser's cookies, they will be shown the popup once more.

  • The "Indefinite" setting on the duration means that the user won't see the popup for as long as possible. This is due to many browsers having a maximum cookie age (eg. Google Chrome has a 400 day maximum cookie age by default).

Stop popup from showing once completed

If you want to stop your popup from showing once it has been completed by a participant, you can do so with the "Stop showing once completed" feature. Click here to check out the article in question which explains how the feature works.
You can also use the "Hide once viewed" and "Stop showing once completed" features together.

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