Track the activities of your project by adding a Google Analytics ID.

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At the moment, only Universal Analytics is supported (Google Analytics 4 support will be added at a later date). Make sure you use a Universal Analytic ID (UA-XXXXXX) and not a Google Analytics 4 ID (G-XXXXXX)

To create a Universal Analytics ID on the Google Analytics 4 interface, select "Show Advanced Options" under Property setup:

See original Google article at: Set up the Analytics global site tag

Adding the Google Analytics ID (UA-XXXXXX) to your project

Open the settings of your project:

Paste the Tracking ID in the Tracking section and make sure to click "Update Settings" before leaving the page:

Custom events that are sent through the Google Analytics ID integration

Google Analytics event action

Google Analytics event label

Google Analytics event value

Project Loaded

Question Progress





Project Completed



Social Media Share


External Click URL



  • Event Category is always the same: " - PROJECT NAME"

  • In the free plan, the events are sent as preview but anonymized, so it enables you to test events to track where the information goes.

  • Q&A: QUESTION TEXT events are not sent immediately upon an answer but when the project is completed (Project Completed event action).

  • "Free Text Input" questions and contact data are not sent to the Analytics.

Testing the Google Analytics ID Integration

As soon as you launch a project (Note that the project can be either a Draft or Live), go to the Analytics in Real-time > Events

On the right pane, look for the name event category " - PROJECT NAME"

Congratulations, your Integration with Google Analytics works. You can also use the Google tag assistant plugin to display all the events directly on the project.

More information

For other tracking platforms and general information about tracking, see the article about Tracking options for your project

About Google Analytics 4

Although we are only supporting Universal Analytics (UA) for now, Google Analytics 4 (GA4), can be used with Google Tag Manager (GTM). For more information or specifics on this configuration, check the Google article: GA4 implementation using Google Tag Manager. Please contact Google directly for support on how to use Google Analytics with Google Tag Manager.

If you have any questions please contact support.

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