With the File Upload content element you can provide an option for your users to add any file to their submissions. You can use it in any project: forms, surveys, tests or any other type.

You can accept as many files from your users as allowed within your monthly submission limit as long as you have enough space on your account's storage. The storage limit just like the submission limit is defined by your plan.

If your account's storage is full, the upload element will not accept new uploads.

Find out how to add or free up storage space below.

To start accepting files, just drag the File Upload element on your canvas.
In the elements options, you can choose from a variety of settings.

Upload Note
Add a custom message inside the upload area that helps the user interacting with the element. This can be a message such as "Drop file here or click to upload" or "Upload only image files with up to 2MB". Please be aware that this message is not included in the analytics or reports.

Upload Required
Set this option active if you want to prevent users to continue without uploading files. This validates for a minimum of one uploaded file. Use multiple upload elements if you want to validate for a specific file amount.

Maximum Number of Files
Choose if you want to allow multiple files on the same uploader. You can accept up to 10 per element. Multiple files are handled just like multiple answers, you will see all of them together in your analytics.

Restrict File Size
Define the maximum file size per uploaded file. Depending on your plan you can set this to up to 500MB per file. 

Pre-Filter File Types
You can pre-filter for certain types of files, like only images or documents or even just certain file extensions. Just comma separate all file extensions or MIME types you want to allow. (eg. .jpg, .png, .gif or any MIME types like image/*). 

How to access uploaded files

You will be able to see uploaded files just like any other data collected with involve.me by going to your project analytics. You can see all files collected for the same question in the "Summary" tab or on a submission level in the "Responses" tab. To download the file just open the link provided.

Note: All uploaded files have a random hash for the link (it cannot be guessed), this means that they are publicly available and anyone with the link can access a file that has been uploaded.

The download link is also included in your notification email, exported XLS reports, webhook event and project-level Zapier integrations.

Remove files from the account's storage

To do so you can either:

  • Upgrade your plan to increase the storage.

  • Delete the project completely - which will also delete the files collected by it.

  • Remove single submissions in the "Responses" tab of the Analytics or reset the analytics.

  • Open the project in the editor and delete the File Upload element. This will delete all files collected with that specific element.

Important: You will not be able to recover files from projects, submissions or questions that have been deleted.

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