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Email Validation Options

Validate Email Formats or Prevent Disposable and Personal Emails

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If every lead that you collect is of value to you, then using email validation is a great way to ensure high quality leads by preventing participants from submitting invalid emails.

All email addresses entered in a contact form are automatically checked for a valid format, in addition to this, also checks if the domain has the ability to receive emails.

The options for email validation can be found in your project's settings, and you can choose from three settings:

Preventing duplicate email entries is an option that is available on any paid plan.

To block disposable or personal emails from being used, a Pro plan or higher is necessary.

Prevent Duplicate Email Entries

This option prevents participants from submitting more than one entry for your project using the same email address. You can read more about it here.

Don’t Accept Disposable Email Addresses

Disposable emails are also known as temporary emails or burner emails.

Enabling this option stops participants from inputting disposable email addresses in your forms - this is especially important if you are sending custom emails to your participants and want to make sure they are being received.

Don’t Accept Personal Email Addresses

If you check this option, participants will not be able to input their personal email address (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) - they will be asked to enter a work email instead.

You can turn these options on or off anytime. In addition to this, the alert message your participant will see is predefined by the language setting for the project.

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