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User Input Validation Options

Find Out How to Validate Email Addresses, Phone Numbers, Values and Text Fields Entered by Participants.

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Whether it's a phone number, email address or user ID, participants might enter fake or incomplete data in a required field to progress with the form quicker.

You can mitigate this by enabling our input validation features:

Email Address Validation

You can prevent the entry of disposable/temporary email addresses, personal addresses and duplicate email addresses.
You'll find all our email validation options here.

  • Please note: the above features are available in our various paid plans, more information in the dedicated help article.

Phone Number Validation

Enhanced phone field validation can be enabled to check for the format of the phone number based on the country code selected. Additionally, the country code can be locked to a single country, and the submission of duplicate phone numbers can also be prevented.

The feature can be enabled in the Contact Form element's options, if a Phone, Mobile or Fax field is added to the form.
You'll find all the details about our phone validation options here.

Free Text Input Validation

Once a Free Text Input element is added to the content card, following input validation options are available:

  • Answer is required: field can not be empty when submitting

  • Answer length: define the minimum and maximum amount of characters

  • Only accept numbers: locks the input to number values, the range can be defined as well.

File Upload Restrictions

You can set up some restrictions on files uploaded by participants. Following restrictions are available:

  • Maximum Number of Files

  • Restrict File Size

  • Restrict File Types

You'll find all the details about the File Upload element's options here.

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