Whether it's a phone number, email address or user ID, participants might enter fake or incomplete data in a required field to progress with the form quicker.

You can mitigate this by enabling our input validation features:

  • Email Address Validation:
    You can prevent the entry of disposable/temporary email addresses, personal addresses and duplicate email addresses.
    You'll find all our email validation options here.

  • Please note: the above features are available in our various paid plans, more information in the dedicated help article.

  • Phone Number Validation:
    Enhanced phone field validation can be enabled to check for the format of the phone number based on the country code selected.
    Additionally, the country code can be locked to a single country, and the submission of duplicate phone numbers can also be prevented.
    The feature can be enabled in the Contact Form element's options, if a Phone, Mobile or Fax field is added to the form.
    You'll find all the details about our phone validation options here.

    Please note: the above features are available in our Professional Plan and higher.

  • Free Text Input Validation:

    Once a Free Text Input element is added to the content card, following input validation options are available:

    • Answer is required: field can not be empty when submitting

    • Answer length: define the minimum and maximum amount of characters

    • Only accept numbers: locks the input to number values, the range can be defined as well.

  • File Upload Restrictions

    You can set up some restrictions on files uploaded by participants. Following restrictions are available:

    • Maximum Number of Files

    • Restrict File Size

    • Restrict File Types

    You'll find all the details about the File Upload element's options here.

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