Phone Number Validation Options

Validate Numbers, Prevent Duplicate Entries or Lock Them to a Specific Country Code

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With the enhanced phone number validation feature you'll be able to gather high quality leads, as this is a great way to ensure that the numbers being provided by participants are valid.

This can be especially important if you need to contact your participants via SMS or if the integration you're using requires a valid phone/mobile number in order to be triggered.

You can find the phone validation option by selecting your Contact Form element, adding phone, mobile or fax fields, and navigating to "Phone Field Options" on your right side.

Toggling this option on will enable the enhanced validation to check the format of the phone numbers entered by the participants, according to the country code they manually entered or selected from the dropdown. Only the correct format will be accepted.

The phone, mobile and fax fields will also display the country flag and offer a searchable dropdown for changing the country. Our system automatically displays the country detected by IP for each user that loads the form.

Turning on the "Enhanced Phone Field & Validation" feature will also enable other validation options, such as "Prevent Duplicate Entries", "Lock to Country" and "Lock Phone Type".

Prevent Duplicate Entries

This option prevents participants from submitting more than one entry for your project using the same phone/mobile/fax number. Once this project setting is active, it will check if a number that was entered already was submitted for the same project.

Lock to Country

Here you can ensure that only numbers from a specific country are allowed. Once you have selected the country, the participants in your project will no longer be able to change it (country) via the dropdown, and even if they try entering numbers from other countries on the field, an alert message will be shown and they will not be able to proceed further unless a valid number is provided.

You can turn these options on or off anytime to change this behavior. The alert message your participants will see is predefined by the language setting for the project.

Lock Phone Type

Enabling this option allows you to only accept certain phone types. You can chose from the following types:

  • Mobile or Land line

  • Mobile

  • Land line

  • Personal number

  • Premium rate

  • Toll free

  • Shared cost

  • VoIP

  • Voicemail

  • UAN

  • Page

If the participant enters a phone number type that is not allowed, they will be prompted with an error message to enter a valid number.

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