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Remove the Watermark on Most Paid Plans

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On the free and Starter plan we show the logo, along with the text "powered by" or "made with" on all projects to attribute the platform. The branding is shown in the bottom right corner and on the last page.

If your organization is on the Professional plan or higher, you can choose to remove the watermark from your projects.

How Remove the Watermark

The option to remove it can be found in the settings (or Configure page) of any project. Bear in mind that changing the option affects all existing and future projects in your organization.

Start by opening your project's dropdown and clicking "Configure" in order to access your project's settings.

You can then activate the option in the "General Settings" section, by ticking the checkbox:

ℹ️ If you cancel your subscription or you have an unpaid invoice for it, the watermark will show again on all projects.

Video Tutorial - How to Remove the Watermark

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