Collect payments from your users
Easily receive one-time payments or recurring payments for a submission using Stripe, Mollie or PayPal
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Using the content element "Collect Payments" you can receive money from your participants without them leaving your form, quiz, survey or lead page.

1. Connect your payment account

To get going you need to connect your payment platform first. You can use any PayPal Premier or Business account, Mollie or Stripe to collect from credit cards. To collect recurring payments (subscriptions) you need to connect either Stripe, PayPal, Square or Braintree.

Go to to connect your accounts.
Connect a test account to simulate fake payments and a live account for real payments. Follow the instructions for the platform you want to connect:

2. Add a "Collect Payments" content element

Open the project you want to use to receive payments in the editor and navigate to
your final page (Thank you page or your Outcome pages).

Drag & Drop a "Collect Payments" content element onto the canvas and add the payment account(s) you previously connected in the options.

One-time payments vs. Recurring payments (subscriptions)

You can choose between a single one-time payment and recurring payments (subscriptions).

For one-time payments, you can add one credit card platform like Stripe, one PayPal account, EPS Account, IDEAL account, and SEPA Direct account.

Make sure to set up the currency and the source for the price.
You can choose from these price sources:

  • Fixed price: the amount will be the same for each user

  • Score: The result of the score on your page. This is the score type "by value", which means that it adds up the values for each question with the "individual scoring" option. You do not need to put a score element on the same page.

  • Calculator: The result of a calculator element on the same page (the element must be added to the same page). Then choose the calculator in the dropdown below.

If your setup is complete you are able to collect payments from each submission. You can edit the text of the Pay button in the element. For PayPal it will always show the standard yellow Pay Button with the text right below.

Please be aware that a submission that did not complete the payment is still counted as a submission for your monthly submission limit. Payments that are collected while the project was in draft mode will automatically be deleted when the project is published. If you remove a submission from your analytics or delete your project, you will also remove the payment information from the submission, however, you will still see it on your payment platform.

Users who closed your project will not be able to fulfill the payment afterward, they will need to click through your project again.

Payment methods available

One-time Payments

Subscriptions & Recurring Payments

Credit and Debit Card

Stripe, Mollie, Square, Braintree

Stripe, Square, Braintree

Pay via PAYPAL




Stripe, Mollie

Not Available


Stripe, Mollie

Not Available



Not Available

Google Pay / Apple Pay

Stripe, Mollie, Square

Not Available


  • EPS, iDEAL, and SEPA transactions are processed in the Euro currency

  • EPS minimum transaction is €0.50

See your payment in the analytics

To see what submissions are paid, open your project analytics. And open the tab "Payments". Here all submissions are listed and you will see a payment status. Please be aware that there is only a total, currency and platform available if your user clicked the "pay button".

Good to know:

The payment amounts for the following currencies are rounded to be decimal free: JPY (PayPal & Stripe), HUF (PayPal only), TWD (PayPal only)

Send a payment confirmation email:

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