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How to Send Results as a PDF Using Zapier (Advanced)
How to Send Results as a PDF Using Zapier (Advanced)

Using PDFMonkey and Gmail in Combination With Zapier to Send the Result of a Quiz or a Survey to Participants as an Attachment.

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Outcome results of your project can be sent as a PDF using third-party applications.

This article is only meant to suggest a workaround as PDF generation is not a current feature in

At the moment, sending the outcome results using native email integration is the only method fully supported. See the article: Send custom emails to participants.

The proposed method here uses three extra components:

  • Zapier (Link the data with the external apps)

  • PDFMonkey (Build the PDF from the Outcome)

  • Gmail (to send the email)

Note that PDFMonkey and Gmail are only suggestions used here to illustrate the method. Any PDF generator or email program supported by Zapier should equally work. Additionally, note that does not provide PDFMonkey or Gmail accounts.

1. Preparation: Create Your Template in PDFMonkey

This Template will be later completed in Zapier with the information received from

More information about building templates on PDFMonkey website: here

2. Send the Data From to PDFMonkey Using Zapier

Create a new Zap from on the left to PDFMonkey on the right in Zapier.

Check out our Zapier article for more information about linking your project to Zapier.

For help with configuring PDFMonkey in Zapier, see the PDFMonkey documentation: Generating your first Document with Zapier

Please contact PDFMonkey support for any questions related to PDFMonkey configuration.

3. Add Another Action to Your Zap: Gmail

Where you will configure PDFMonkey as the source of the attachment:


From involve me to your Inbox to the PDF:

In case of trouble, the first troubleshooting step should be to check the history of the Zap where more information on potential configuration errors might be:

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