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After Publishing You Can Share Your Project With a Link or Embed It on Your Website

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A published project can be shared or embedded.

You can find the URL and the embed code on the "Share your Project" screen, which is shown directly after publishing the project and can be accessed anytime from the Project Overview.

Share Your Project

You can just email the URL, send it to your contacts on Messenger, share it on Social media or use the embed code to put the project on your own website.

Project URL

The link to your project can be found here and copied to your clipboard. Click on "Open" to open your project in a new browser window.
You can change the URL of a live project on the Settings screen. Be aware, that the old link will not work anymore after changing the URL.

Short URL and QR Code

Both Short URL and QR Code are alternative ways to access your project. The Short URL and the QR Code are linked to the URL above.


You can directly share the project in your social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc).

The "Invite by email" feature allows you to send a customized email invitation to your list of contacts, so that they can partake in your project(s). In order to use this feature, a Basic plan or higher is necessary.

Embed in a Web Page

Here you can find the embed code you can use on your own website, see it in action and also try out the embedded project with different settings. The embed code creates a responsive iframe and in addition to this you can select the minimum height and set a fixed width if needed.

Embed Your Project

Embed Type

In the example above we're showing a Standard type embed, but you can also embed your project in full size or embed as a popup on your webpage.

Dynamic Height Resize Option

This option is enabled by default, and the if height and width are set to auto, the project will automatically grow to take the space it needs on the website.

If you do not want the embed widget to grow, please disable the option "Dynamic height resize" before you copy your code. Without dynamic height you must use CSS on your website to specify the height, usually you can select it like this: .involveme_embed iframe { height: 650px; }

Minimum Height | Width

Here you can manually adjust the minimum height of your project, as well as its width, if necessary. If you have the Dynamic Height Resize option enabled, you can simply leave them as "auto".

Transparent Background

Toggle this option on if you don't want any background image/color on your embedded project. This is a great option for seamlessly integrating the projects in your website.

Loading Background Color

When the embed loads, the background can be set to match your page esthetics. Adjust this color using the option "Loading background color". By default, the value is set to #ffffff (white).

Get Embed Code

The embed code that you get generates an iframe that you can embed on your website.

In order to get it, simply click on the "Get Embed Code" button in order to generate your embed code. Then click "Copy code" to put the embed code in your clipboard - you're now ready to embed the project on your website.

We advise not to use your own <iframe> tags since it will not guarantee full functionality for your projects.

Please note that if you change your project's URL you will need to replace your embed code too.

Advanced: Hidden Field Parameters in Embed Code

If you are using Hidden Fields in your project, you can pass data through parameters in the embed code. Simply use data-params in the div section of the embed code to add your parameters:

<div class="involveme_embed" data-project="projectname" data-params="field1=value1,field2=value2"><script src=""></script></div>
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