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Invite Contacts Via Email to Projects

Share Your Projects by Inviting Your Contact List

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The "Invite by email" feature allows you to send a customized email invitation to your list of contacts, so that they can partake in your project(s).

You can find the "Invite by email" feature on the right side of the "Share & Embed" page. In order for this page to be available, you'll need to publish your project first.

This page can be accessed from the navbar when you're editing a project, or from the dropdown arrow in your project's card.

Once you click the "Compose email" button, you'll be taken to a new page where you can customize the email and its design/branding to your liking. On your right side you'll have a preview of how the email will look like, so you can make the necessary adjustments as you go.

Email Options

You'll have the following options that you can edit and choose from:

  • Sender Name

  • Reply-to-email

  • Subject

  • Email content

  • Prefill submission with user’s email

    • This option allows you append the user's email to the URL, which will automatically prefill the email field on the project they're being invited to (if there is one). Only available on the Pro plan or higher.

Design Options

You can change and customize the following to your taste:

  • Header Image

  • Header and footer background color

  • Button text

  • Button background color

    • You can disable the watermark it if you're on the Pro plan or higher.

Selecting Which Contacts to Invite

With this feature you will have the ability to choose which contacts the invitation will be sent out to.

You can choose to send the invitation to:

  • Existing contacts - These are contacts that were gathered from other projects and have been tagged.

  • Imported contacts - Select the option "Important and tag contacts..." and this will open a modal where you can import your contacts. The import type can be either via "File upload" or "Copy & paste".

    Once you're done importing your contacts, you can also assign tags to them.

Maintain Your Sender Reputation! (Bounces & Complaints)

Make sure to only invite users that gave you explicit permission to email them.

If your emails are hitting limits due to bounces or complaints we may temporarily suspend your email sending capabilities. We will warn and notify you about this.

  • Bounces Warning: 1.8% (or 18 emails if you sent less than 1.000 emails)

  • Bounces Suspension: 3.1% (or 31 emails if you sent less than 1.000 emails)

  • Complaints Warning: 0.05% (or 5 emails if you sent less than 10.000 emails)

  • Complaints Suspension: 0.07% (or 7 emails if you sent less than 10.000 emails)

If you need further help with this feature or have any questions that the article doesn't cover, then feel free to contact our support team.

Alternative - Start a Form From an Email

If you would like for your audience to be able to start a form directly from an email, make sure to check out this article.

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