When opening a new project in the Editor for the first time you can name your project.

Select if you want to create a simple project or have multiple outcomes. This can not be changed later on.

Multiple Outcomes
A simple project assigns a score to each correct answer and everything is saved when the participant clicks though to the "Thank You" screen.

If you select "Multiple Outcomes" you can assign each answer to an outcome. This is used in all our personality test templates.
You can create a number of outcome screens in the Editor and name them accordingly.

In the editor you can set up your project, add pages, place text, images, videos and questions, put in different content elements and try out your project before publishing.

Top bar
On the very top you will find your project name, a link to the help section and a live chat assistance. You can access the project settings and close the Editor to go back to the Project overview screen.

This is the main area of the Editor. You can drag content items on the canvas to configure and use them in your project.
You can rearrange items by dragging them around. You can copy and paste content items from the canvas to other pages.

Content Items
To the right you find all available content items. Below your content items you can activate "Page Navigation" and "Page Progress".

Page Navigation bar
On the bottom there are all pages of your project shown. You can rollover a page and duplicate or delete it. The "Thank You" page or last outcome page can not be deleted.

You can preview your project for desktop and mobile. Here you can click through all your pages. Be aware that in the Editor Preview outcomes, piped answers and calculations do not show. If you want to test the project use the "TRY IT" button on top of the Preview screen. Make sure that your questions continue to the next page when answered or that you have placed a Button element that links to the next page.Your participants must be able to complete the project for their data to be stored.

You can save and publish your project when you feel it is ready. The Editor will show a warning when it detects that your pages do not link through to the "Thank You" page.

After saving your project you can set up project details in the settings screen.

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