With the logic jump feature you can link specific answers of your questions to different pages of your project. You can create branching projects, surveys and quizzes that take different turns depending on the given answers.

Try this feature and learn to use it interactively:

Logic jumps are available for paid plans only. You can try the functionality in the Editor for free, but when using logic jumps you can publish the project only after signing up for a subscription.

Activate logic jumps

This feature works with the "Multiple Choice", "Image Choice" and "Dropdown" content elements.
Just drag one of these elements onto the canvas and select "Logic jump" in the Click Behavior dropdown.

Link answers to different pages

You can now go to the answers section and choose a page this answer should jump to after being filled in.

The default is "Next page", but you can choose an answer to restart the project, go to any other page or directly to the final "Thank You" page or calculated outcome page. Be aware that for multiple outcome projects, the individual outcome page cannot be selected using a logic jump - the outcome that got the most points is shown when the logic jump is set to "Finish".

A logic jump that restarts the project deletes all collected answers up to that point.

You can name your pages in the bottom navigation bar to keep a better overview of what page does what. These titles are not shown to your participants.

Good to know 

Whenever you drag a second element that collects data (Free text input, Slider, Rating, Dropdown, etc) to the page, the logic jump feature becomes disabled in the Click Behavior dropdown and currently selected logic jumps become inactive.

You can also have your "Image" and "Button" content elements link to different pages.

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