Whenever you create a new project from scratch or a template, you can select either a single thank you page project or a project with multiple outcomes.

In a Multiple Outcome project, each participant reaches a dedicated outcome page, depending on either the exact answers they gave or their overall score. This outcome is selected based on the participant’s choices. The outcomes could be defined by the most selected answer (Answer-based), or by their score (Score-based).

In an answer-based project, there’s no right or wrong answer, so they are best for profiling, personality test for example.

Score-based projects are well suited to present the participant with a grade. This is ideal for Quizzes for instance.

For more information on scores, check the article: How are scores calculated?

Answer-based outcomes

Each answer adds points to a specific outcome. The outcome with the most points is selected at the end.

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Score-based outcomes

Each answer adds points to a single score. An outcome is assigned to any part of the resulting range.

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