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How are Scores Calculated?

Understanding and using the Score element

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This article is about how the scoring system on works and what the score element can show. For advanced formulas, use the calculator element.

The score value depends on the project type (Thank you page, score-based outcome, or answer-based outcome). To switch from one project type to another, check the article: "Change project type"

"Thank you" Page and Score-based Projects

The score depends on the settings of the score element:

  • Correctly Answered Questions: Number of questions that have been correctly answered. Only the correct answers are counted. A correct answer is always 1 point.

  • Individual Score: Sum of all the values of selected answers regardless of the correct/incorrect status.

To change the answer default value, enable "Individual Score & Calculation" on a Question Element (The "Individual Score & Calculation" option is only available for the Multiple Choice, Image Choice and Dropdown elements):

And set the value of each answer:

ℹ️ Special case: Correctly answered questions in an element with "Multiple answers selectable". In this situation, the participant must strictly select all the correct answers for that question to be counted as correct (and counted as a single point for the question).

For more information about Score-based projects. check here

Answer-based Projects

The score is the sum of all the answers per outcome. The outcome page with the highest score is presented to the participant.

In an answer-based project, the default score value is set to 1 per mapped Outcome.

But this value can be changed when the "Individual score & calculation" option is activated on the Question.

When "Distribution of All Outcome points" is activated on the score element, the scores of all the outcomes are presented to the participants

Alternatively, if the "Distribution of All Outcomes in %" is selected, the scores of all the outcomes will be presented to the participants by percentage with bar charts.

For more information about Answer-based projects click here.

If you have any questions, please contact support.

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