This article is about how the score system on works and what the score element can show. For advanced formula, use the calculator element.

Score values might differ according to project types (Thank you page and Score based vs Answer-based). To switch from one type to another, click on the setting icon in the editor and select "Change project type"

How is the score calculated?

The score result is the sum of all the values of the answers the participant selects. By default, all the correct answers have a value of 1 and incorrect of 0

In an answer-based project, the score value is set to 1 per mapped Outcome.

The default values can be changed by activating the individual score & calculation option.

Correctly answered questions versus Individual Score

The score is either the number of all the questions that have been correctly answered or the sum of all the answers (Thank you page and Score-based projects)

Special case: Correctly answered questions in an element with "Multiple answers selectable". In this situation, the participant must select all the correct answers for that question to be counted as correct.

In an Answer-based project, the score is the sum of all the answers per outcome. The outcome with the highest score is the outcome page that is displayed.

Example 1 - Thank you page

Thank you page, with "correctly answered questions" enabled:

"First answer" is the correct answer on both Questions. Score is therefore 1 + 1 = 2, out of a maximum possible 2.

Example 2 - Score-based Outcome

A Score-based project, using a different value for each answer (0, 1, or 2). We want an outcome for participants getting up to 3 points, and a different outcome for participants reaching a perfect score of 4.

Each question is set up with Individual Score & Calculation activated, and the value of each answer set accordingly:

The range is set so that the participant must reach 4 points to get to outcome #2:

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Example 3 - Answer-based Outcome

In this example, we want the participant to reach the outcome they are the most linked to (Works well for personality tests).

Each answer is linked to a specific outcome. Every answer scores a default 1 point:

The Distribution of the outcome can be visualised in the editor:

The score is the sum of all the answers within the Winning outcome.

Outcome#1: 1 pts

Outcome#2: 2 pts

Outcome#3: 0 pts

Winning Outcome: Outcome#2

Total point is the sum of all the Answers connected to an outcome. In this example, the maximum amount of points for outcome #2 is 3.

SCORE = 2/3

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