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Answer-based Outcomes

Guide Users to Different Outcome Pages Based on the Answers They Pick

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Whenever you create a project where answers are linked to a specific result, you may want to display different outcomes based on that result and answer-based outcome projects are a great way to achieve that.

This feature is commonly used in our personality test templates.

Setting up Your Project

Start a new project from your Dashboard, once you're done naming it choose "Answer-based Outcomes" as the project type and you'll be ready to start editing.

Mapping Answers to Outcomes

With "Answer-based Outcomes" you'll have the ability to assign each answer to count towards one or more specific outcomes. By default, the project records 1 point (weight) for the outcome that is connected to the given answer, and the outcome that gets the most points at the end of the quiz is the one that is shown to the participant.

Mapping answers is only possible when using Multiple Choice, Image Choice or Dropdown elements. Other elements like Sliders and Rating do not have this option, so they cannot influence the outcome that will be chosen in any way.

If you happen to have answers that should not be connected to any outcome, then you can simply select the option "No outcome mapped" instead.

⚠️ When using an answer-based outcome project, you'll need to ensure that all your answers are either mapped to an outcome or at least mapped to the option "No outcome mapped". Otherwise you'll get this error message here, when trying to publish the project.

If you want to create more complex projects, then you can activate "Individual Score & Calculation" setting under the "Options" section - this will allow you to change the points that are being added to each outcome.

You can use larger numbers to make certain answers more important than others (put more weight on it), and also set zero or negative numbers when using a custom value.

If you need more outcome pages, you can create them needed by clicking the white plus (+) icon in the page navigation bar. Outcome pages are used where you would have the "Thank You" page on other projects.

If you hover your cursor over an outcome page, you'll be able to duplicate, delete or rename it.

Still not entirely sure how to set up your project? We have you covered with the below video, which shows you how to map your answers to outcomes:

These blog posts might also prove helpful so make sure to check them out:

Viewing How the Outcomes Are Connected

To get a global view of how the outcomes, simply head over to the "Outcome Settings", this is where you can check which answers are connected to which outcome, there you can also rename and reorder the outcome pages.

You can find the Outcome Settings by clicking the "Outcome Range Settings" button, which is the icon with a gear and 3 arrows, on your page navigation bar.

Not only this new view gives you a better understanding of your project, but it also gives you the opportunity to change the project type in case you change your mind on the logic you need to use to achieve your objective.

Testing Your Project

If you want to try out your project, make sure to do so by clicking on the eye icon (located on the top right of the editor) and then selecting "Try Draft". The "Design Preview" mode does not count score points and can only be used to preview the design of all pages and outcome pages for desktop and mobile, not to test the outcome calculation.

Bear in mind that outcomes are only calculated when the participant reaches an outcome page - same with participant data, it is only recorded when an outcome page has been reached.

For this reason, it is important to make sure that every participant can reach an outcome page by placing Button elements on your pages that link to the next page, or by choosing "Answer continues to next page" as the click behavior on the question element settings.

Same Score for More Than One Outcome

When a participant finishes and two outcomes have the same score in the end, the outcome connected to the last chosen answer will be shown.

Let Participants Share Their Outcome

The "Social Share" element can be used to share a specific outcome on social media from the outcome screens.

  • Place a "Social Share" element on your outcome screen.

  • Select the element and chose "Settings".

  • Enter title, description and upload an image for this specific outcome.

When participants share their outcome using the social share element, the text and image that was specified for this outcome page will appear in their social stream.

Good to Know

The "Score" content element works with "Multiple Outcome" projects only if "Custom scoring & calculation" is activated for questions.

For more information on scores, check the article: How are scores calculated?

Change the Project Type

To change the project type, in case you change your mind on the logic you need to use to achieve your objective, use the Change project type button.

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