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Show Custom Feedback to Your Participants Depending on the Answers They Picked

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Custom feedback is a great feature that can help make your projects more personalized for your participants. It gives you the opportunity to provide customized responses that are directly related to the answers your participants picked.

This handy feature is available for the "Single/Multiple Choice", "Single/Multiple Image Choice" and "Dropdown" elements. With just a few clicks, you can customize a feedback message for each answer.

How to Set It Up

Start by selecting a question element of your choice, this can be a Dropdown element for example, then on your right side scroll all the way down and click on "Edit Custom Answer Texts".

This will open the below pop-up, which will allow you to write down the custom text for each one of the answers. On this same pop-up, you can also reorder, rename and delete your answers.

Once you're done, just click "Save".

⚠️ Important: Clicking on the trash icon will not only delete the custom answer text, but also the answer itself. Do be careful, as deleted answers cannot be recovered.

If you'd like to remove only the answer text, simply leave the field empty instead.

Using the Custom Answer Text

In order to use and fetch the custom text, you'll need to use answer piping.

You can then place this custom text as a variable in:

If you're using any of the above elements, you'll see a clickable "+ Add answers & data" button above each question/heading text box. This is where you can find the variables for your custom texts, which will be called "Answer Custom Text".

The variable will be replaced with the respective custom text once the participant picks their answer.

Instant Custom Feedback

You can use this feature alongside Instant Feedback, so that participants can instantly get custom feedback on the answer they just picked. This is available on all plans, including Free.

To do this, simply enable "Instant Feedback" on your element's click behavior, toggle the option "Custom Instant Feedback Per Answer" and proceed with editing your custom answer text.

⚠️ Important: This method only works with the "Single Choice" and "Single Image Choice" elements.

Other Ways of Using Custom Answer Text

Feedback for Participants on Any Project Page

You can use custom answer text on any page of your project. So as an example, if you have a project where you would like to provide with custom feedback to participants on the page that follows the question they answered, that is possible.

Alternatively, you can also choose to only show the custom feedback on the Thank You page, or one of the outcome pages.

The process is the same for both options, you just need to add the variable in, like in the screenshot example below, where we added the variable to the text of a Heading element:

Pass Custom Text Answer Data From One Project to Another

You can also add the variable to a custom URL redirect or a button (when the button links to a URL), and pass the custom answer text from one project to another.

We recommend that you check out our dedicated article here in order to learn how this works and how to set things up.

Below is an example how the URL can look like if you use this method.

Send Custom Answer Text via Email

It can also be that you don't want to provide this feedback inside the project, and instead want to send it over via email. This is also possible, all you need to do is add the custom text answer's variable to the body of the email, like so:

The variable will be named "Custom Text" so it will be easy to find it in the list. Just make sure to check that you're choosing the variable for the right question.

If you have any other questions about this feature, please contact support.

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