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Using the Project Timer feature allows you to set a countdown that applies to your overall project. You can find this feature on the top navbar in the editor, just click the gear icon which will open a dropdown menu with the "Project Timer" option.

Whenever you enable the Project Timer, on the right side of the editor you will be able to see all the ways in which the the timer can be customized.

In the "Options" section you can change the text you want to display before and after the timer, as well as set the time limit.

Under "Time Up Action" you can select what happens once the time is up, and you can also have a pop-up with text that is displayed to the participant once the timer reaches zero.

On the "On Time Up" dropdown, you'll have the following options to choose from:

  • Finish submission - Takes the participant to the thank you page or any of the outcome pages.

  • Jump to Outcome - Takes the participant to a specific outcome page of your choice.

  • Custom Web Address - Opens a custom website URL.

  • Restart/Refresh - Refreshes the page (current data is lost).

The "Settings" section will allow you to choose whether the timer should be visible for participants or not. If you toggle this option on, you'll only see the element inside the editor and a blue "hidden for participants" label will also be shown on the canvas, so that you know the timer is hidden. All actions and the pop-up will still work regardless if the timer is hidden or not.

You will also have the option to select in which page the Project Timer should start, you can either select a specific page, or select "Any Page".

The "Any Page" option is useful in cases where you're using hidden fields to make the participant start the project on a specific page, whenever they reach your project with a page number parameter for said page.

The Project Timer is available for paid plans only. You can try the functionality in the editor for free, but if a Project Timer is used, you can only publish the project after signing up for a paid subscription or registering for a free 14-day trial.

If you need different timers for each page, we've got you covered with Page Timers.

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