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Instant Feedback

A way to provide your participant with instant feedback.

In a Multiple Choice, Image answer or Dropdown element, you can provide immediate feedback as soon as a participant selects an answer:

Enter the feedback text in the element settings:

Note: The Feedback text is the same for both the correct and the incorrect answer.

Feedback on next page

To display different feedback for a correct or incorrect answer, use Logic Jump.

To achieve this, create a new page for each result and use Logic Jump to configure the access:

Configure the Logic Jump on the question element:

Learn more about Logic Jumps in the article: Using logic jumps

Answers on the final page

Using "Answer Piping", you can recall and display all the responses from your participants.

For instance, use a Heading element on the Outcome or "Thank You" page:

Then insert the participant's answer into your template:

Answers in the email to participants

Answer piping can also be used in the custom email that is sent out to participants. Check the article: Send custom emails to participants

Navigate to the setting of the project and to the Email Notifications section:

Create your message template and add the answer from the participant:

In any doubt, or if you have any questions, please contact support.

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