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Ways to Show Your Participants Feedback on Their Answers
Ways to Show Your Participants Feedback on Their Answers

Give Instant Feedback, Show Different Pages or Provide an Overview of All Answers

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Instant Feedback

Essentially a way to provide your participant with instant feedback on their answers.

In a Multiple Choice, Image answer or Dropdown element, you can provide immediate feedback as soon as a participant picks an answer.

Just enter set the click behavior to "Instant Feedback" and add the feedback text in the element settings:

ℹ️ The Feedback text is the same for both the correct and incorrect answers.

You can also use Instant Feedback together with Custom Answer Text, so that participants can instantly get custom feedback on the answer they just picked.

Click here for an explanation on how this works and how to set it up.

Custom Feedback Text

This method makes use of the Custom Answer Text feature, and allows you to provide with custom feedback to users either on the next page or in the Thank You / Outcome page.

In order to show this custom feedback text, all you need to do is set up the text and then add the Custom Answer Text variable to an Heading element for example.

This way it does not matter if you have 1 or 7 different answers to give feedback on, you will only need one page and the feedback text will change depending on the answer that the participant picked.

Feedback on Next Page

With Logic Jumps, you can display different feedback, depending if the chosen answer is correct or incorrect.

To achieve this, create a new page for each result and use Logic Jumps to configure the access:

The configure the Logic Jump on the question element:

Learn more about Logic Jumps in the article: Using logic jumps

Answers on the Final Page

Using "Answer Piping", you can recall and display all the responses from your participants.

For instance, use a Heading element on the Outcome or "Thank You" page:

Then insert the participant's answer into your template:

Answers in the Email to Participants

Answer piping can also be used in the custom email that is sent out to participants. Check the article: Send custom emails to participants

Navigate to the setting of the project and to the Email Notifications section:

Create your message template and add the answer from the participant:

In any doubt, or if you have any questions, please contact support.

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