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How to Collect Further Data After a Submission Is Completed
How to Collect Further Data After a Submission Is Completed

Taking Actions Before a Project Ends

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When a participant reaches the last page of a project, the submission is completed and you cannot collect more data. However, it is possible to link two projects together as a way to present a form to a participant after an outcome is reached, or send data to an integration such as Hubspot or Mailchimp if a participant does not reach the end of the funnel.

To Connect two projects together, use the URL of Quiz_B in your Quiz_A project

You can either use a direct connection or use this URL on a button element.

OPTION 1. Connect Projects Together Through the Thank You Page

Move seamlessly from one project to another by adding the redirect link to Quiz_B on the page properties of Quiz_A (Thank you page):

OPTION 2. Continue to a New Project With a Button Element

You can open your new project in the same tab or a different one, the choice is yours.

Contact Form on the Thank You / Outcome Page

If you bypass the Thank You / Outcome page of the first project (with a custom URL redirect for example), you can create a result page on the new project along with a form.

That will make it look like you are inserting a form on the outcome page (or thank you page):

Pass Data From One Project to Another

If you would like to know how to transfer data across projects, then click here to check out the help article for it.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact support.

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