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How to Collect Further Data After a Submission Is Completed
How to Collect Further Data After a Submission Is Completed

Taking Actions Before a Project Ends

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When a participant reaches the last page of a project, the submission is completed and you cannot collect more data. However, it is possible to link two projects together as a way to present a form to a participant after an outcome is reached, or send data to an integration such as Hubspot or Mailchimp if a participant does not reach the end of the funnel.

To Connect two projects together, use the URL of Quiz_B in your Quiz_A project

You can either use a direct connection or use this URL on a button element.

OPTION 1. Connect Projects Together Through the Thank You Page

Move seamlessly from one project to another by adding the redirect link to Quiz_B on the page properties of Quiz_A (Thank you page):

OPTION 2. Continue to a New Project With a Button Element

Opening your new project in a different tab.

Transfer the Data Between Projects

Any data collected in Quiz_A can be passed to Quiz_B by using a variable.

To see what variables are available, open a Button element in Quiz_A and click on "+Add answer & data" (more about this in the Answer Piping article).

Step 1: Add the parameters and variables to Quiz_B's URL.

Use a "?" sign after the URL and separate the parameters/variables with a "&" sign.{{email}}&q1={{f18d8ug}}

In order for it to work, make sure the parameters/variables are set up like so after the "?" sign:


If we use the URL example from above:

  • Parameter -> q1

  • Variable -> {{f18d8ug}}

Step 2: On Quiz_B, select "Hidden Fields" (Check the article on Hidden Fields for more details) and add as many fields as needed - here is also where you can set the parameters that you'll need to use on Quiz_B's URL.

All the variables sent from Quiz_A must be declared in order for Quiz_B to receive data from them, this is done by adding one hidden field for each variable.

All done. The data from Quiz_A is now available in Quiz_B using Answer Piping.

TIP: If you bypass the Outcome page of the first Project, you can create a result page on the new project along with a form. That will look like you are inserting a form on the outcome page (or thank you page):

Using the Embed Instead of the URL

Use the link to the page where the embed is located.

You can also transfer the data using the same syntax:{{email}}&q1={{f18d8ug}}

If you have any questions please contact support.

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