AI Generated Text Element

Add AI generated text to your projects, tailored to your content and personalized to your participants.

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Our latest AI powered feature will allow you to generate text dynamically, thanks to customized prompts that you can define.

The prompts from this element also support answer piping, which will give you the ability to add question- answer- and feedback data (like answer feedback or custom answer text) from the submission directly to the prompt. This will allow you to create personalized texts and result summaries, based on the participants' response data.

When using the AI Generated Text element, there are several features you can make use of in order to customize the look and content of the generated text:

  • Pick between two available AI models: Faster or More Accurate.

  • Hide the element from participants.

    • This can be useful if you want to send the generated text via email, instead of showing it directly on the project, for example.

  • Set the element's minimum height - the minimum height can be set to a minimum of 100px and a maximum of 1000px.

All of the options can be found on your right side, just select the AI Generated Text element you added to the canvas.

Using the AI Generated Text element is incredibly easy - simply create your customized prompts and AI will take care of the rest. All that’s left for you to do is observe the output result and make any necessary adjustments accordingly.

ℹ️ This is a feature that uses AI Credits in order to work.

The amount of credits you have available to use will depend on your plan, and you can always purchase additional credits if you happen to run out, or if your plan does not have come with credits included (e.g. Free plan).

You can find out more about our AI credit system here.

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