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Adding & Editing Content Elements
Adding & Editing Content Elements

How to Add, Edit and Delete Elements

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Adding Elements to Your Project is a drag & drop builder, so all you need to do is grab the element you want to add to the project, drag it over to the canvas and drop it by releasing the mouse button.

Once you have the specific elements you need on a certain page, click on it on the canvas to open the editing options in the panel on the right. 

Editing Options

Each content element will have different customization options, which can easily be checked by clicking on the content element you want to customize and checking the available options that are shown on your right.

Some of the most common options that you have when editing question elements are the ability to edit the text, add / delete answers, define the click behavior, and so on.

Make sure to always check out which options you have available on your right side, since every element offers different customization options.

When it comes to changing the design, most elements will have the following options available:

  • Edit answer alignment and content position

  • Edit font options

  • Edit background color

  • Edit highlight color

ℹ️ Tip: If you enable the option "Customize this element only" and change the highlight color of a button, it will change color when you hover the cursor over it. Try it out with other elements too!

  • Set alignment

  • Edit content card

  • Set background image (can be the same one for desktop and mobile or different images for each)

Deleting Elements

This can be easily done by selecting the element you want to delete and clicking on the "X" icon on the top right of the selection. Alternatively, you can also just select the element and use the backspace/delete key on your keyboard.

Tips & Tricks

Here are some useful tips and tricks that will allow you to have an easier time in the Editor. Not only will you be able to edit elements quicker, but you'll also have an easier and smoother experience overall while editing your project.

Copy an Element Among Pages/Projects

Once you've selected an item on the editor canvas you can press "cmd / ctrl + c" to copy and "cmd / ctrl + x" to cut that item. By pressing "cmd / ctrl + v" you can paste that item. 

You can do this either on the same page, on any of the other pages within the same project or even between projects. All the design settings and functionality will be copied along.

Delete Elements Faster

Whenever you delete an element, you will be prompted with a modal where you can either select "Cancel" or "Delete". It is possible to skip this modal and simply delete the element straight away as soon as you click the X icon. To do this press and hold the cmd/ctrl key on your keyboard and click on the X icon on the element you want to delete - this will delete the element straight away.

Add Elements to the Canvas Without Drag and Dropping

You can add elements to the canvas without the need to drag and drop them.

To add a new element to the top, hold the cmd/ctrl+shift keys on your keyboard and click the element you want to add.

If you want to add a new element to the bottom, only hold the cmd/ctrl button and click on the element's icon.

Duplicate, Delete or Rename a Page

Pages can be easily duplicated, deleted or renamed - just hover your mouse over the page and you will see the following icons:

In the case of Thank You/Outcome pages, the pencil icon will allow you to not only rename the page, but also to add a custom URL redirect.

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