Start by dragging & dropping elements from the Content list to the canvas.

Once you have the specific elements you need on a certain page, click on it on the canvas to open the editing options in the panel on the right. 

For each content item you can:

Edit the Content

  • Edit text

  • Upload images

  • Add / delete answers

  • Define answer text

  • Reposition answers

  • Set correct answers

  • Add video URL

Change the Design 

  • Edit font options

  • Edit content background color

  • Edit highlight color

  • Set alignment

  • Edit border

Define additional Settings

  • Edit link to URL / project page

  • Edit display option

  • Define answers click behavior

  • Edit answer alignment

  • Define text area type

  • Edit video options

Move or copy an element among pages

Once you've selected an item on the editor canvas you can press "cmd / ctrl + c" to copy and "cmd / ctrl + x" to cut that item. By pressing "cmd / ctrl + v" you can paste that item. 

You can do this either on the same page or on any of the other ones within the same project. All the design settings and functionality will be copied along.

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