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Certain Premium Features Such as AI Reports Consume Credits From Your Account

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At, we make it easy to gather useful insights from your audience responses without the need to analyze endless amounts of data, or generate personalized results for your participants, all thanks to our AI Generated Reports and AI Generated Text features.

To better help you understand how the credit system works, let's break it down into a few key points:

What Is An AI Credit?

Credits allow you to access AI powered features like the report generation or AI generated answers. Essentially you're exchanging credits for a report or participant feedback text, so you can think of credits as a sort of virtual currency.

Before a report is generated on the Analytics page, you'll see the amount of credits that will be charged for the report. The popup will also display your account's current credit balance.

Similarly, the AI Generated Text element will estimate the amount of credits required for each submission:

For example, 1 AI credit can process and generate a report for approximately 10 answered questions from one of your projects. Do bear in mind that that this is a rough approximation, as answers will vary in length, and the longer the answer the more credits will be necessary in order for them to be processed and for the report to be generated.

Generally, Free Text Input- and other text based responses will consume more credits than a question with predefined answer options (ie Multiple Choice).

What Is Included on Each Plan

Each paid plan comes with a set amount of monthly AI credits included:

  • Basic Plan: 50 Credits

  • Pro Plan: 100 Credits

  • Business Plan: 200 Credits

Your credit count resets automatically on the first day of each calendar month.

When you upgrade your plan, you will get the difference of credits for the remaining time in the calendar month.

Purchasing Additional AI Credits

If you're a free user or the credits that come included with your plan are not enough, then there's always the option to purchase extra. You will get the option to buy credits whenever you click "Generate Report" but don't have enough credits in order to proceed.

You will also have the option to purchase credits via the editor, when using the "AI Generated Text" element.

You can purchase extra AI credits for $0,05/credit, with a minimum order of 500 credits and these extra credits do not expire until used.

If you have any questions that this article doesn't cover, then feel free to contact our support team.

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