AI Generated Reports

Transform response data from projects into comprehensive reports with just a click

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AI generated reports allow you to gather useful insights from your audience responses without the need to analyze endless amounts of data, or generate personalized results for your participants.

How to Use This Feature

To generate an AI report, navigate to your project's Analytics page and click on the "AI Insights✨" tab.

When using AI Insights, there are several features you can make use of in order to tailor the report to your needs, such as:

  • Exclude certain questions that you don't want included in the report.

    • Hidden fields are excluded by default, but you can choose to include them in the report.

  • Get the report for a specific time interval.

  • Generate the report in a language of your choice.

    • Click here for the full list of languages that we currently support.

  • Export the report as a PDF.

You'll also find step by step instructions to get started here, and a case study showcasing the feature here.

You can find out more about our AI credit system here.

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