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Everything You Make in Can Have a QR Code. Here’s How You Get One.

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Every published project comes with a unique, autogenerated QR code.

The QR code opens a URL of whatever you made in This means you can print it and use it to direct people you meet in real life to your projects.

Where you can put your QR code:

  • Posters and fliers to gather feedback

  • Discount vouchers for new and repeat customers

  • Business cards to transfer your contact info online
    + Anything else you can think of

Get a QR Code From a Project That’s Already Published

1. Click the drop-down arrow on your project card.

2. Pick "Share & Embed".

3. Click the QR code icon.

If you want to generate a QR code from a project that has not been published yet, publish your project first and go to steps 1. to 3.

Once you've downloaded the QR code, it's up to you where you use it. You can share it digitally or in print.

ℹ️ QR codes never expire, unless you've set a project end date for your project.

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