Widget Embed Element

This element lets you embed a webpage or an iframe directly in your project.

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If you'd like to embed a webpage, external tool or service such as Spotify or Google Maps in your project, then the Widget Embed Element will come in handy.

Simply drag and drop the element on the content card and configure the URL or iframe code to setup the widget.

You can customize the appearance by adjusting the width and height with the sliders, and by enabling a shadow with the toggle switch.

A Couple of Things to Keep In Mind When Embedding:

  • If you are embedding a website, please always use the full URL (https://), otherwise the widget will not recognize the protocol and will fail to load.

  • Most public facing websites forbid embedding. If you are trying to embed such a website, you will get a broken page icon or a blank page in the embed window.

  • When using an embed code, please make sure it starts and ends with an iframe tag ( <iframe> code here </iframe> ). Only this code format is supported, and most services will provide it by default.

  • This element has a character limit of 1011. If your embed code surpasses that limit, the code will be cut off and you'll get a blank page in the embed window.

  • If you'd like to embed a video, chances are that our Video Element already supports your hosting platform, and is easier to set up and more stable than the Widget Embed Element.

  • If you want to embed a scheduling app inside your project, you can do so with our "Schedule Appointments Element" element.

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