You can use the Schedule Appointments content element to embed your online scheduling and booking applications in your projects:

To embed a scheduling app, first choose the service you are using (Source), then simply copy your calendar's URL, your calendar- or event ID, your user ID or other supported identifiers in the input field. The supported IDs are specific to the chosen service and will always be displayed in the empty field:

You can also customize the appearance of the embed by adjusting the height and width with the sliders, and by enabling a shadow with the toggle switch:

Currently we support the following calendar sources:

  • Calendly

  • Savvycal


  • Hubspot


  • Acuity Scheduling

  • Simplybook

Other scheduling apps can be embedded by iframe with the Widget Embed content element.

Please note: the Schedule Appointments Element can only load your scheduling apps, but can not transmit or receive appointment data between the app and the submission.

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